i'll wipe my shirtsleeves under your eyes

just the girl who wore a dress in hopes that maybe you'd take a second glance and that maybe became a kiss or two under the stars, proof that you should still believe in fairy tales, even if they break your heart.

28. July 2014

Does anyone else ever just touch/see their scars and get very triggered??

It’s just like: Jesus I remember why I did that one and how it felt and the blood rush with it and it gives me endorphins inside and idk it makes me want to relapse more than any upsetting situation.

I’ve been clean since June 2nd though (55 days) so I really can’t afford to do that now…

It’s like the ed. It never truly goes away. Once a cutter, always a cutter. Once a suicidal maniac who attempted 13 times, always a suicidal maniac (I have a scar on my wrist to prove that). Once eating disordered, always eating disordered… I can’t escape and sometimes I wonder… Why bother at all?

Nineteen (back when you loved me)
Negative space
I swear I don’t love you

There will always be some names
That make you breathe
Like broken ribs
And yours is a scar
I can’t scrub off overnight.

They’ve got it wrong, we’re not the lucky ones.
Shades of red (cue the impending heartbreak)
21. July 2014